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Alternative Investments

Algonquin has a long and successful track record of selecting alternative investment funds for its client portfolios.  Algonquin believes that proper use of historically lower or non-correlated alternatives, including private equity, hedge funds, commodities, real estate and natural resources, represents an important component of well-diversified investment portfolios. 

Algonquin’s alternative investments philosophy is to diversify client portfolios in an effort to provide consistent results, enhance the risk-adjusted returns of the overall portfolio, improve the potential to preserve capital (particularly in down markets) and leverage its relationships with top talent in the investment industry to identify emerging opportunities.

The firm believes that Algonquin’s reputation and industry contacts, as well as its Greenwich location, put it at the nexus of contemporary investment thought and among the most concentrated location for managers of alternative assets.  Algonquin is well connected to the community of alternative investment managers and has access to top level investment talent not easily available to most investors.

Algonquin has created proprietary investment funds with unique mandates to meet clients’ needs.  The Algonquin Funds are created to provide diversification and exposure to managers that can have very large minimum investment requirements. 

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